Gajeski Produce

Gajeski Produce on opening day of the Winter Market (11/29/12); photo courtesy of Dr. Arnold Roufa.

Gajeski Produce is one of the new Winter Market vendors. If you were at the first indoor Market last week you know their produce is beautiful. And you probably asked yourself, with just a tiny bit of skepticism, “where did these vegetables come from in November?”

The short answer…Long Island.

Gajeski Produce grows year-round on their farm in Riverhead, Long Island, using high tunnels and heated greenhouses. Those leeks and celery and broccoli were all grown inside high tunnels, and those high tunnels will yield produce until around Christmas, then they’ll be back again in March. Lettuces and herbs are grown in greenhouses. Gajeski will have delicious, fresh, locally-grown produce for sale throughout the winter months.

Gajeski is not certified organic. They practice low-use and low-risk pesticide spraying. They have not sprayed since the end of September. Go ahead and ask them about it, they are ready and willing to answer your questions!

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